The challenges of managing inspections

Managing the documentation and compliance of shipping fleets is a considerable challenge. But you really need to be on top of it because inspection problems can hamper operations, damage competitive advantage and dent your bottom line.

It’s labor intensive, but when you only have a handful of vessels you might choose to manage the process manually with Microsoft Excel. However, with increasing fleet size this approach becomes unrealistic.

The requirement for fresh inspection reports several times each year generates a lot of data and reporting. Even at a relatively small scale, OCIMF SIRE reporting and compliance can pose a major administrative headache.

This burden has increased significantly. The period from 2005 to 2015 saw a 40% increase in reports received per month. And from 2006 to 2014, SIRE report downloads per year tripled. According to OCIMF, requests across SIRE have grown exponentially.

Easy to use inspection reporting management features

The Vetting module function enables owners and operators to manage inspection reporting and take control of their compliance obligations.

Key features include:

  • Support for registrations of SIRE inspections
  • Fast import of SIRE reporting PDFs
  • Automatically populates observations information
  • Email reminders of follow up actions to observations

There are some major benefits to using Vetting module. Day to day, you are able to better manage inspection reporting from all inspections – not just SIRE. Central to this is the automated email reminders feature, which lets you respond appropriately and in a timely way with follow up actions to observations.

More strategically, by using our Vetting analytics, you monitor how your vessels are performing during the SIRE inspections. Over a series of inspections, you can monitor for consistency of performance. There is also the opportunity to apply quality management – you use the analytics data to see how you can improve SIRE inspection performance. Finally, you can benchmark inspection performance against the rest of the shipping industry.

Included under a standard subscription to provide unique value

Q88 is not the only Vetting Analytics tool available to the global maritime transportation industry. However, it provides unique value by being included as part of the standard subscription package intended for owners, operators and managers who manage one vessel or entire fleets of vessels.

As is all in the cloud, data is centralized, perfect for joining up the global operations of shipping businesses. This also means no Excel sheets, no on-premise hardware and software or overheads on your IT team. There’s no need for 3rd party applications to take care of inspection administration.

We provide great support. Our team includes people who have worked in Vetting Departments for major shipping businesses. They have real world experience of your problems and are on-hand 24/7 to help you use to overcome them.

Get more value with Vetting Analytics

Across the feature rich system, the Q88 team has brought together one of the most comprehensive toolsets for managing global maritime transportation businesses. represents total value for money while helping you to use information more effectively, save time and connect with the industry.

Want to know more about Vetting Analytics? You can download our Vetting Analytics White Paper

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