Our journey began in 1998 as a simple inquiry about managing shipping information. “Is it possible for you to help with this?”

In 2001, Q88 was established as an internal product at Heidmar from the founder and president, Fritz Heidereich. No longer after that, Q88 LLC emerged as a standalone, independent company. Since then, we have steadily evolved to become one of the most trusted and widely respected names amongst the tanker and bulk shipping community.

With maritime in our DNA, our brand stands as a leader and a voice that helps shape and influence the industry. Our company ethos is built on four pillars which are the blueprint for our strategic approach:

  • Building collaborative solutions
  • Engaging with multiple industry partners
  • Leveraging data to the fullest extent
  • Creating a great place to work

Today, Q88 is a byword for simplifying the complexities of global maritime transportation. Through technology and business workflow improvements, Q88 can bring a new power of digital transformation, information sharing and automation that will only strengthen your brand, customer service and value to the industry.

Connecting the Industry for 20 Years

Our passion for the maritime industry and our commitment to better connect the industry – people to people, people to ships and people to data – has driven us to develop systems, solutions and tools that enable our customers to conduct business with confidence and efficiency.

Fritz Heidenreich, Founder & President Q88

Growing Up and Working in the Shipping Industry: Part 1

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My Journey as a Systems Designer

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Q88 20 year Anniversary

Providing Value and Expertise for 20 Years

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Trusted by companies like yours

Connected since 2004

At Odfjell Tankers, we find tremendous value in being connected to a company such as Q88. We not only rely on their databases, we entrust Q88 with our sensitive information and are confident that the data we receive from their systems will satisfy our own customer’s needs. The most valuable thing about Q88 is how their company is structured. They are an independent company, they have first-hand knowledge of the industry, and they are deeply committed to their customers. Odfjell has come to expect that Q88 will continue to be at the forefront in developing databases and applications that will meet user needs and expectations for years and years to come.


Connected since 2006

Q88 has been, and remains to be, one of the most valuable tools in the box; they have successfully positioned themselves as an evolving partner, growing even more useful and practical through time. Being connected with Q88 is the equivalent of being in sync with the Tanker industry, a remarkable achievement that brings together every practitioner of the market into the platform. They are a reliable team of professionals dedicated to keeping their platform up-to-date, and through this partnership we have seen tremendous business growth and profitability.

TMS Tankers Ltd.

Connected since 2007

As one of the first users of the Q88 automated questionnaire in both tanker and dry cargo ships, we have come to know Q88 as a highly-rated solution and valued business partner. They have helped digitalize our processes and create profitable efficiencies within our business. Over the years as Q88 has increased their solutions, they without a doubt have proven helpful both commercially and operationally. Their solutions appeal to a wide variety of stakeholders within the industry, and with easy access to data and the ability to share information, they ultimately better connect the shipping community.

Nereus Shipping S.A.

Connected since 2007

Not only are Q88’s software solutions widely accepted within the shipping industry, but the industry has benefited enormously from Q88’s ability to provide an enormous amount of crucial information in such a simple, user-friendly platform. At Fleet Management Limited, we value the customer support we receive, and feel that we’ve had a very positive experience since signing up in 2007. Congratulations to the Q88 team on your 20th Anniversary! We look forward to continuing our relationship and are excited to see what is next for the company.

Fleet Management Limited