Offering Annex 1 commodity information, questionnaire and certificate information management onboard the vessel.

Q88 Onboard is a completely integrated, cloud-based module within designed to enhance the connections and communications between shipowner, the central office and onboard officers. Perfect for companies that own or operate their own vessels, Q88 Onboard provides onboard officers the ability to review, update and manage pertinent vessel data right from the bridge and in real-time throughout a voyage. 

With Q88 Onboard, shipowners and the central office can be guaranteed all vessel data is current and up-to-date, and onboard officers can conduct their tasks in a more efficient and timely manner.

Key Features

Q88Onboard offers features from both Q88 and Milbros

Information on Demand

Any time, any place access to accurate, reliable, real time information in the cloud. Guaranteed security measures in place including a two-factor authentication, and assurances that only the vessel in question can be accessed from the bridge.

Automated Questionnaires

Automatically complete questionnaires and terminal questionnaires on the fly.

Certificates and Document Management

Have full and direct access to all vessel certificates within the Q88 database.


Have the ability to update inspections within the system as they happen.

Manage Officer Information

Maintain up-to-date crew information with OCIMF compliant Officer Matrix.

Q88 Onboard + Annex 1 Commodity Management

With Q88 Onboard installed on your vessels, all users will have access to Marpol Annex 1 Commodity cargo properties and specifications to ensure that onboard officers have access to the latest regulatory, cleaning and safety information which is always up to date.