Milbros is trusted by the industry's leading owners, operators, charterers and brokers. Online and offline versions provide the most up-to-date and reliable cargo, cleaning, handling, regulatory and safety information around the clock for onshore and onboard use.

Key Benefits

Risk management

Reduce risk of costly cargo contamination, stowage and other incidents.

Saves time and money

Reduce cleaning time to turn vessels around faster and increase productivity.

Reduce Supercargoes

Reliable, up-to-date cargo information that reduces dependence on Supercargoes.

Organizational learning

Save and recycle company knowledge on cargo handling and cleaning for better efficiency.

Trusted authority

Access to cargo handling and regulatory expertise with direct access to the IMO/USCG.

Online and offline

Optimized for offline as well as the cloud to minimize ship-to-shore communications costs.

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Key Features

Practical information

From/To Cleaning recommendations along with cargo sequence and prior cargo warnings.

Safety Data Sheets

Easy access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for many cargoes.

Personal safety data

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) recommendations for better crew safety.

Comprehensive data

Cargo handling, safety, regulatory, coating resistance, and cleaning information.

Prior cargo lists

Prior cargo lists available (FOSFA, NIOP, EU, CIQ, Kosher and Charterers requirements).

Stowage and booking

Stowage/Booking List option available

Phos Acid/SS Compatibility Tool

Determine stainless steel compatibility for phosphoric acid cargoes.

UV Graphs-ready

UV reference graphs for comparing spectrophotometry wash water test results.

USCG compatibility

USCG Compatibility checks including all known exceptions.


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