Owners, operators, charterers and brokers collaborate, share and leverage information throughout chartering and vetting processes. With 75% of the world-wide tanker industry onboard, captures industry changes as they happen.

Key Benefits

Risk management

Minimize risk through access to the latest, accurate single source of vessel data.

Automated questionnaires

Automatically complete questionnaires and eliminate a time consuming manual process.

Reduce costs up to 30%

Efficiency savings that pull up on the bottom line to boost profitability.

Sharpen your competitive advantage

Get an edge that helps your company and fleet outperform the market average.

Greater accuracy and speed

Leverage automation, saving hours of time and preventing costly errors.

Information in one place

Centralized repository for managing and quickly accessing all fleet information.

Accelerate communication

Faster and more accurate communications with charterers, brokers and agents in their favored format.

Track system changes

Get full accountability from an audit trail of all changes made to the system.

Available on mobile devices

Designed from the ground up to run effectively over the internet on any device.

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Key Features

Information on demand

Anytime, anyplace access to accurate, reliable, real time information in the cloud.

Collaborate and leverage data

Share data between owners, operators and managers all in real time.

Share with brokers and charterers

Publish and provide immediate access for brokers and charterers to vessel data.

Automated Questionnaires

Comprehensive support for questionnaires - automate completion with 1000+ templates.

PSC compliance

Manage vetting and PSC inspections for foreign vessels and cargoes.

Vetting analytics

Monitor and manage, benchmark and improve - inspection reporting made better.

Manage officer information

Maintain up-to-date crew information with OCIMF compliant Officer Matrix.

Certificate & document management

Centralize document storage and manage certificate renewals.

Available on mobile devices

Designed from the ground up to run effectively over the internet on any device.


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