Deriving human value from our digital connections. No matter how technologically advanced, digital or data-driven our industry gets, it still comes down to human relationships. People. Not vessels, ports and exports. In these challenging times, we may rely more than ever on digital tools to connect us when we’re pushed apart. Relationshipping™ means never forgetting what pulls us closer – human qualities like trust, experience, loyalty, ingenuity and compassion.

Relationshipping at work

Connecting the Industry

We are all connected by more than the sea. The same challenges and opportunities touch everyone. Through Relationshipping™, we convene the expertise and experience of people in all parts of the industry to create solutions. We leverage these relationships to address the problems that face us all as we navigate the sea.

Collaborative Solutions

Q88 was born from a single, personal request about managing shipping information, “can you help us with this?” More than two decades later, we still solve problems through Relationshipping™, personally listening to our customers and partners, then working together to chart a course forward

Business Value

We build solutions with productivity and efficiency in mind, allowing you to focus on mission critical parts of your business instead of on paperwork, manual workflows, regulations and compliance. We help you save time so you can maximize your business impact, promote automation, enhance workflow, ease uncertainty and get more from your relationships, personally and professionally.

Human Value

We’ve learned how to treat others through the relationships we experience every day. Our company is a family, focused on teamwork and respect for one another. We maintain private ownership, taking our direction only from customers and partners, and the deep industry heritage of our leaders. We focus on Relationshipping™ so intensely because it’s in our nature. Our goal is to benefit your business and to fulfill the human need for friendship and camaraderie.


Become a Relationshipper

We invite you to join a growing group of industry influencers focused on strengthening our relationships with each other – and in combining our strengths to move our whole industry forward. As the group grows, we will be developing a suite of valuable features and rewards so your participation benefits yourself and the whole. Here’s how:

  • Earn referral bonuses and service discounts
  • Get early or exclusive access to Q88 product developments, service enhancements and industry insights
  • Advance your personal brand through recognition in case studies, awards, webinars, spotlights and more
  • Shape product development, engaging in ideation and beta testing for new products or product changes
  • Attend exclusive networking and social events throughout the year

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Relationshipping Onboard

Seafarers are the backbone of the maritime industry and their ongoing efforts help keep the world economy in motion. In return for their hard work and dedication to our industry, we’ve initiated #RelationshippingOnboard, a gift package program filled with goodies where we put together and deliver to their vessels, as a way to say THANK YOU for everything they do!

We encourage crews that receive our packages to snap a photo of the entire crew and have the office send it to us so you can be featured on our social media channels.