Q88Dry is the industry’s choice for managing critical dry bulk vessel information, questionnaires, and certificates.

Streamline your certificate management with Q88Dry

Q88Dry is the cloud platform that allows the upload of all dry bulk vessel certificate information. This builds a database with all the data necessary for owners, operators, charterers and brokers to collaborate with greater ease in today’s highly competitive and regulated maritime transportation industry.

With all certificate information stored in our central database, managing your certificates across your entire fleet becomes easy. You can receive reminders about expirations, easily share your certificates and documents with business partners, and certificate information is automatically populating your questionnaires.

For the community of companies in the shipping ecosystem with which you routinely share information, Q88Dry provides the data that enables vetting to be carried out with greater confidence, speed and accuracy than doing it manually, by using a spreadsheet-based process.

The benefits of centralizing certificate information in the cloud

Q88 Dry provides some excellent benefits:

  • Manage your certificates in one centralized location – Include expiration and due dates and attach a soft copy of every certificate with its associated certificate record.
  • Never miss a renewal date again – Create scheduled reports and send notifications to make sure all certificates are kept up to date and renewed in good time.
  • Better organize certificates and documents – Create packages for easy distribution of related documents, or email individual ones directly from your repository.
  • Easy sharing – Share certificates and documents with your trusted network of select business partners, such as brokers and charterers.
  • Enjoy access to your entire certificate and document repository – Direct access to information when you need it from any location connected to the internet.
  • Integrated with Q88 questionnaires – When you update your certificates, the dates are passed automatically to the questionnaire where appropriate.
  • Archiving documents and certificates – Lets you maintain your full history in one central location, saving storage space on your own systems.
  • Create custom certificates – You can create your own custom certificates to use alongside our standard list of certificates, which includes Certificate of Class, Certificate of Fitness, Certificate of Insurance, Certificate of Registry, International Ballast Water Management Certificate.
  • Leverage our integration with DNV-GL – Import certificates and receive a notification when an import has occurred.

Enjoy competitive advantage from centralizing information with Q88Dry

The greater accuracy, transparency and speed shipping companies get from Q88Dry provides improved competitive advantage. The platform delivers this sharper commercial edge from centralizing information while enabling compliance with all applicable maritime regulatory codes.

It should also be noted that the benefits of Q88Dry increase as the size of fleet grows. The platform leverages economy of scale, enabling high efficiency for vetting large numbers of vessels through better management of certificates and documents as well as questionnaires and inspections.

Why not join the shipping companies that choose us and get best in class tools for managing daily processes related to chartering and vetting? Sign up today and see why dry bulk shipping companies like yours choose Q88Dry.

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